Effortless Practice Management

Get hold of the best practice management features at an amazingly affordable price. Simpler, Smarter, Secure

Grow your Practice

Take your practice to new heights where you dont just get new patients but also echance your credibility


Effective Patient Care

Paperless medical record and patient management that gives you time to enhance your knowledge. Be a part of the digital revolution happening in healthcare in India

Connect Globally

Reach out to thousands of patients across the globe using smart practice techniques on your phone. Talk to your patients through various channels and widen your accessibility.

Online Practice

Give online consultation to patients and grow your practice. Answer queries from your patients and provide efficacious digital consultation.

Create your free Lyflink profile in 3 simple steps

Register on Lyflink

Enter your name, mobile & email and other details.

Add your profile

Fill details of your medical registration, id proof, online and offline fees, timing and more.

Help us verify

Help us complete a simple verification and go live.

Register or find yourself on Lyflink.com

Add your profile information

Fill details about you and your practice including your medical registration, fees timings and more

Help us verify your details

Complete our a simple verification process online, and go live!

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Note : Verifying your medical registration and qualification ensures that you get listed as a genuine medical practitioner.

Top Doctors Recommend Lyflink

Edit your profile from anywhere, effortlessly

- Easily add or modify your details

- Add information that matters to your patients - timings, fees, new services, and much more

- Keep all your information up to date, with ease

Keep track of patient feedback

Know what your patients have to say about you

Interact with them through your Lyflink profile

Build your credibility by replying to their feedback

Let everyone read the great feedback patients leave for you

Download Lyfyo Doctor App A powerful app that lets you manage and grow your practice.

- Manage your profile with advanced profile editor

- Respond to your patients feedback

- Provide online consultation to patients

- Manage your clinic with a Ray by Lyflink subscription

- See patient records from anywhere

- Track your clinics performance on the go

- Monitor efficiency of your Lyflink Reach ads

Consult online and grow your practice

Start your own online practice through Video , Audio & Chat . Connect with more patients and maximise your earnings.

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Reach new patients and maximise your earnings

Reach out to thousands of patients across the globe using smart practice techniques on your phone. Talk to your patients through various channels and widen your accessibility.

Keep your patients engaged

Increase patient retention Engage with patients after their appointments.

Control follow-ups efficiently Chat with patients without sharing your personal number. Define your free follow-up duration and more.

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Write & Inspire

Health Feed is a medium for doctors and health experts to publish health tips and articles to connect with millions of people.

How it helps you?

Share your expertise As an expert you can share your knowledge with millions of health and fitness enthusiasts.

Inspire people Everything that you publish on Health Feed will inspire someone to live healthier and longer.

Educate and engage Its a unique opportunity to educate your own patients and engage with a wider audience.

Weve made writing articles super simple.

- Easy-to-use article editor

- One-click upload of images & videos to your articles

- Access to millions of free, high quality stock photos

- Detailed analysis of your articles performance

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